The Executive Board consists of the two directors, six Work Package (WP) leaders, and one principal investigator (PI) for each of the six institutions. This group supports the project management, communication, and knowledge & technology transfer activities.

Thomas Schmidt

Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Schmidt

  • Project Co-Director
  • PI PSI (Leading House)

PSI Paul Scherrer Institut
Björn Niesen

Dr. Björn Niesen

  • Project Co-Director
  • PI Empa

Esther Türig

Dr. Esther Thürig

  • WP Leader: Biomass carbon cycle
  • PI WSL

Wim Malfait

Dr. Wim Malfait

  • WP Leader: Technical carbon capture, utilization and sequestration

René Steiger

Dr. René Steiger

  • WP Leader: Efficient technical cycles

Evangelos Panos

Dr. Evangelos Panos

  • WP Leader: Flexible low-carbon energy systems

PSI Paul Scherrer Institut
Tom Kober

Dr. Tom Kober

  • WP Leader: Greenhouse gases & climate

PSI Paul Scherrer Institut
Marcel Hofer

Mr. Marcel Hofer

  • WP Leader: Net-zero institute roadmap

PSI Paul Scherrer Institut
Christian Zurbrück

Dr. Christian Zurbrügg

  • PI Eawag


Dr. Dimitrios Noukakis


Russel McKenna

Prof. Dr. Russell McKenna

  • PI ETH Zürich

ETH Zürich