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Image origin

  • Flexible low-carbon energy systems page – clipart sources (royalty free as long as sources are identified). For each icon in the figure:
    • Hydorgen storage tank: <a href=”” title=”hydrogen icons”>Hydrogen icons created by Smashicons – Flaticon</a>
    • Buildings:  <a href=”” title=”condominium icons”>Condominium icons created by Vectorslab – Flaticon</a>
    • Municipalities: <a href=”” title=”village icons”>Village icons created by Witdhawaty – Flaticon</a>
    • Integrated energy systems analysis: (Remme et al., 2001)
    • Renewable energy : <a href=”” title=”renewable energy icons”>Renewable energy icons created by Flat Icons – Flaticon</a>
    • Consumer preferences: <a href=”” title=”yes or no icons”>Yes or no icons created by IYAHICON – Flaticon</a>
    • Switzerland map:–862720872370894342/

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