Action Area 1

Flury R., Portier J., Rohner B., Baltensweiler A., Di Bella Meusburger K., Scherrer D., Thürig E. and Stadelmann G. (2024), Soil and climate-dependent ingrowth inference: broadleaves on their slow way to conquer Swiss forests. Ecography e07174.

Action Area 3

Daniel Grossegger D., MacAskill K. and Al-Tabbaa A. (2024), A critical review of road network material stocks and flows: Current progress and what we can learn from it. Resources, Conservation & Recycling 205 (2024) 107584.

Action Area 5

Uribe A.* and Heck T.* (2024), Externality Assessment of Swiss Long-Term Net-Zero Energy Pathways Including Life Cycle Contribution. Poster at 4TH Swiss Social Sciences and Humanities Energy Research Workshop (SSH Energy). ETH Zürich. 17-18 June, 2024.
*Technology Assessment Group, Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland