We establish a sustainable energy supply chain with negative CO2 emissions.

This enables global transport, large-scale seasonal storage, and carbon sequestration in Switzerland using existing infrastructure.

Wim Malfait

Dr. Wim Malfait



Achieving the net-zero emission goal requires CO2 removal from the atmosphere to compensate for residual emissions. Seasonal mismatch of renewable energy supply and demand must be balanced.

We propose a carbon-negative process chain including synthetic methane production, its pyrolysis, and long-term storage of resulting solid carbon. We leverage the storability/transportability of CH4 to decouple electricity generation from consumption.

The integrated cycle offers the following synergies:

  • Integrated sorbents allow tuneable co-adsorption of CO2 and H2O to meet input requirements for co-electrolysis.
  • The methane pyrolysis/decomposition process optimized for both energy efficiency and carbon quality ensures compatibility with use and storage.

The performance (LCA/LCC) and acceptance of the entire process chain will be assessed for spatial vs. seasonal decoupling to aid decision makers and provide a scientific basis for future implementation/investments.